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A glimpse of what we do

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13,629 Pads Donated

We are committed to eradicating period poverty.

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100 Workshops Held

Communicating through workshops.

6,826 Impacted

Through our menstrual hygiene initiatives

Menstruating in comfort and dignity is a basic human right.

Each year, we work to support all people who have periods, while destigmatizing menstruation through education and advocacy. Project Stree is a support community for organizations, charities, and educational institutions with their work to increase access to safe, affordable, and sustainable period care.

Our Focus Areas

Menstrual Hygiene

Project Stree aims to improve menstrual hygiene for rural Indian women and girls.
We support women empowerment.

Tackling Social Stigma

Project Stree aims to destigmatize menstruation and empower women in rural India through educational workshops.

Capacity Building

Project Stree empowers women and girls to love and understand their bodies. We inspire confidence to share menstrual education, and sustainability.

Our Annual

Impact Report 2023

Discover our Impact Report 2023, highlighting the transformative work of Project Stree. From educational programs to sustainable product distribution, we're creating change for women and girls in Gujarat. 

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Impact Report 2022

View 2023 Impact Report

We completed 100 workshops!

100th Workshop Highlights


Learn More about Menstrual Health

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