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Our story

how it all began

Ria and Juhi are two Indian-Americans who are both currently pursuing careers in healthcare. Juhi’s experience living in India for five years and Ria’s consistent family trips to the subcontinent opened their eyes to the numerous health-related issues women endure in India. Ria and Juhi have always had a passion for providing care to those who need it, but they wanted to use their education and training to give back to the women of their home country. When Juhi visited Ria over the summer, a simple conversation led to a heap of ideas and Project Stree was born.


Why स्त्री (stree)?

If we split the word 'stree' letter by letter, the very term alludes to women’s inherent connection with nature. The word 'stree' is a combination of three letters in sanskrit: स् (S)+त् (T)+ र् (R) = स्त्री. Each letter stands for each of the three gunas, or qualities, that are present in everyone and everything. These gunas are: sattvagun, tamogun, and rajogun. Combining these letters and their respective traits composes the word 'stree'.  Hence, the word in itself conveys that women are sacred, comprising the essence of nature.


quality of qoodness


quality of darkness


quality of passion

Meet the Team

Get to know the brilliant minds driving Project Stree forward and
paving the way towards a sustainable future!

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