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A glimpse of what we have been up to...

Our latest Impact Report for Project Stree is out, demonstrating our progress in empowering rural women through education, training, and community engagement. 

Since 2019...

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Pads donated

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Women and girls served

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Workshops held



People involved

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Workshop Locations

Marvaadi Vas
Mota Kasba 
Nayak Nagar

Our Focus Areas

Menstrual hygiene

Project Stree strives to increase access to proper menstrual hygiene to women and girls in rural India to help minimize the risk for preventable diseases, reduce barriers to attending school, and increase self-confidence and self-worth.  

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Tackling social stigmas

Project Stree aims to destigmatize menstruation through educational workshops to tackle the taboo and empower women and girls in rural India to achieve their goals and ambitions without feeling limited by their natural bodily processes. 

Capacity building

Project Stree hopes to empower women and girls to love and understand their bodies. We want to inspire them to be able to gain the confidence to pass on menstrual education to others, allowing Project Stree’s mission to be sustainable. 

Our Workshops

In January of 2020, Project Stree held its very first workshop in Vadadla Primary School in Vadadla, Gujarat. in this workshop, our co-founders and workshop coordinator discussed the importance of proper feminine hygiene and taught the girls how to use and properly dispose of sanitary pads. additionally, we provided them with Anandi’s biodegradable sanitary pads and an educational booklet with a period tracker. 

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Annual Diwali Drives

Amount raised - 2021: $ 6000 | 2020: $ 2500

For the past two years, Project Stree organized Diwali donation drives to bring a little light into the lives of underserved families in Gujarat. With your help, we were able to raise funds that went directly to Diwali care packages that were personally delivered by our team in India. These packages included sweets, masks, oil lamps, stationery for school, rangoli stickers, and of course sanitary pads!


Campus Involvement 

Project Stree is working to destigmatize menstruation by raising awareness on college campuses across the country. Our team has been collaborating with several universities (MCPHS, Rutgers, Northeastern, Seton Hall, Stony Brook) to hold different events to tackle the taboo surrounding women's health. 


Safe & Sound Donation


During the COVID-19 pandemic, incidents of domestic violence skyrocketed due to global lockdowns. In April 2020, which is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Project Stree fundraised for Safe + Sound, a women’s shelter in Somerset, NJ. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to support three nights of safety for a woman and child and a holiday meal for a family of four.

Ambassador Program

One of our main goals is to tackle the stigma surrounding women’s health and our ambassador program does just that! We have over 40 college ambassadors from around the US that are passionate about women empowerment and menstrual equality. They are raising awareness about period poverty on their campus through fundraisers, events, and social media. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Project Stree, follow us on our social media to be notified when we recruit next. 

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