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Project Stree

Woman is our tomorrow.


We envision a future where every Indian mensturator fully accepts that
their own body 
and its processes are not something to be ashamed of.
Instead, we hope to instill the belief that their body is sacred

and closely linked with nature.




Latest Initiatives


Tackling period poverty is one of Project Stree's most important goals.
We seek to empower Indian menstruators by increasing awareness about hygiene habits
and challenging the stigma around women's health. 


Braille Workshop Jan 2022


COVID-19 Menstrual Workshops

Make a Change

From the beginning, our success in helping the community has always been made possible thanks to people like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to change lives for the better.


The stigma around menstruation is so pervasive that many Indian girls don’t know what periods are until reaching menarche. by conducting workshops in schools, we equip these girls with the knowledge and support they need to understand their bodily changes. by donating to this cause, you contribute to the resources and supplies that help keep these workshops running. 


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Many women in poverty in India cannot afford sanitary napkins and resort to dirty rags, leaves, and ashes, despite knowing the negative consequences of improper menstrual hygiene. by donating to this cause, you are helping provide eco-friendly pads to those in need.

Menstrual Products


Did you know that a significant aspect of menstrual hygiene is clean and dry underwear? due to prevalent stigma in many rural areas, underwear is often laid out to dry, hidden underneath other clothes, resulting in infections due to moisture. by donating to this cause, you will be contributing towards providing clean underwear to young girls and women across Gujarat. 



At Project Stree, we’re dedicated to tackling menstrual stigmas in rural Gujarat through informative menstrual hygiene workshops. Here's a glimpse of how we do just that..

Our Partners

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Our Impact

We empower menstruators through education, sustainable products, and tackling stigmas.


Get Involved

Join our team in empowering women in rural areas through volunteering or joining our team.


Our Blog

Explore our blog for intriguing facts about menstrual hygiene & other related topics.

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