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meet the team


meet our hardworking and dedicated team who joined us on this journey to tackle period poverty and the stigma surrounding women's health



Juhi Patel.JPG

juhi patel

juhi is a health science student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. she co-founded Project Stree because of her own experiences dealing with the menstrual stigma while growing up in India. when she's not helping patients at the hospital, she likes to get in touch with her artistic side through dance, photography, and painting.


ria soni

ria is a premedical student at Rutgers University studying Cell Biology & Neuroscience. she co-founded Project Stree because she firmly believes that allowing women to take charge of their own health is the key to uplifting them. in her free time, ria loves experimenting with coffee and (attempting) to play the ukulele.

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shivani soni 

workshop coordinator

shivani is an intern student at Shree Swaminarayan Physiotherapy College in Ahmedabad, India. she joined Project Stree because she loves social work, especially for women. in her free time, she likes to draw, paint, dance, travel, and spend time with her family.

Ipsita Kadam.JPG

ipsita kadam

team administrator 

ipsita is a student on the PA track at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. she joined Project Stree because she has always had a deep passion for all things health, especially women’s health. she enjoys spending quality time with her family & close friends, working with her patients, hiking, reading, and cooking.


ilisa kothary 

pr coordinator

ilisa is a Business Adminstration major at Northeastern University who enjoys painting, podcasts and reality TV. she believes that Project Stree's mission is the first step to many Indian women learning to fight for their own health and equality and she joined to stand alongside a group of strong women who also wholeheartedly believed in this cause.

Urusha Patel.PNG

urusha patel

pr coordinator

urusha is a recent graduate from Rutgers University and is currently working with NGOs to improve healthcare systems in Africa. she joined Project Stree to unfold and bring light to issues about women’s health that are usually brushed under the rug to break through existing social norms stigmas. her hobbies include reading, writing, photography, volunteering, traveling, and hiking.


anjali khatri

outreach coordinator

anjali works at the U.S. Department of State and joined Project Stree because of her interest in gender in international development. she is also passionate about the intersection of conflict and gender, especially understanding women’s roles in conflict. her hobbies include crafting, biking and baking.

Jui Soni.jpg

jui soni

graphic design lead

jui is an architect and is currently pursuing a masters degree in Sustainable Design at Thomas Jefferson University. Project Stree's vision towards menstrual health awareness, gender equity, and women empowerment are themes that strongly resonate with her. that coupled with her desire to give back to her homeland and fulfill that through design brought her here! in her free time, you can find her exploring cafes, capturing sunsets, and reading (and hoarding) books.

Ruchi Patel.jpg

ruchi patel

graphic designer

ruchi is a student at Northeastern University studying Architecture & Experience Design. she joined Project Stree to learn about not just design, but also teamwork, networking, and making a meaningful global impact. she's loved all things art for as long as she can remember.


aagna patel

graphic designer

aagna is a pharmacy student at Rutgers University - Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, aiming to graduate with her PharmD. aagna decided to join Project Stree after being inspired by all their unique, fun, and creative social media posts! Project Stree has provided her with an outlet to so many powerful women who share the common interest of women's health and menstrual hygiene. in her free time, she loves to do anything art-related, cook, bake, dance, and travel.

Pro Pic_edited.jpg

roma gujarathi 

blog director

roma is a law student at Boston College interested in intellectual property, technology law, and entertainment law. she joined Project Stree because she feels that women’s rights are human rights and that all people deserve access to information about their health and body. one of her passions is dance, and she trained in Indian classical dance for over 15 years. in her free time, you can find her listening to an audiobook, doing DIY crafts, or trying some new baking recipe.

Krish Bhut.jpg

krish bhut

blog writer

krish is a student at Chelmsford High School in Massachusetts. she has a keen interest in the scientific process and wishes to pursue a career in either cancer or neuroscience research in the future. she joined Project Stree because she wanted to help create a community where women aren’t ashamed of talking about their menstrual health and continue to support one another. when she's not studying, she enjoys reading, dancing, painting, and baking.

Rucha Dave.jpg

rucha dave

blog writer

rucha is a student at Nashua High South in New Hampshire. she is interested in the intersection between engineering, computer science, and medicine and hopes to conduct research in the field. she joined Project Stree because she wanted to encourage other women to take a stand for themselves and for others. outside of school, she practices piano and classical Hindustani singing.

Khushi Talati.JPG

khushi talati 

co-social media director

khushi is a student at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Anthropology. she hopes to shape public health policy to ensure that all women get access to quality healthcare. khushi joined Project Stree to contribute to their mission in helping better health outcomes for women and promote education around women's health. in her free time, you’ll find her listening to true crime podcasts, baking, and spending lots of time with her dog.


stuti patel 

co-social media director

stuti is a pre-optometry student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. she joined Project Stree because she believes education about menstruation and health can impact women in many ways to gain self-confidence. having lived in India, she understands the importance of access to healthcare for the community Project Stree serves. in her free time, she loves trying new recipes, experimenting with different art mediums, and photography.

Krisna Patel.jpg

krisna patel

social media coordinator

krisna is a pre-medical student at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying Public Health and Disability and Human Development. she joined Project Stree because she is passionate about advocating for women’s health and challenging the stigma around it. in her free time, she loves discovering new music and catching up on her favorite TV shows.

Ananya Lunkad.jpg

ananya lunkad

social media coordinator

ananya is a student at Northeastern University pursuing a degree in Communications and Media Studies with minors in Theatre and Graphic Design. born and brought up in India, she understands the importance of menstrual health awareness and wishes to make a positive change in society. she loves to cook and bake and runs her own food page too! she's always down to have a conversation about films, food and travel.

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