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Dear Indian Girl

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

An Indian mother holding her baby girl, both smiling.
Photo by Raghavendra V. Konkathi on Unsplash

On the Indian National Girl Child Day, I dedicate this piece to all of my desi sisters. I see you. I admire you.

Born from a country where parents may not know the sex of their baby, for fear that if it is a girl, they won’t want her. And you made it — you are opportunity.

Skipped naively into your first day of kindergarten only to realize your classmates see you not as sweet chocolate, but rather smeared mud. And you made it — you are strength.

Became your family’s communicator as soon as you learned English, even though the ways of the world were still foreign to you. And you made it — you are agility.

Came home one day to a baby sibling, one whose upbringing now became your duty as much as your parents’. And you made it — you are maturity.

Feet of dancer with ghunghroo and traditional Indian kathak outfit in bright pink, blue, and white.
Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Educated to have a voice, but cautioned against raising it too loud, lest you threaten the elders’ authority. And you made it — you are grace.

Built up your successful career while pushing back against the looming pressure of marriage to only a “suitable” man. And you made it — you are endurance.

Navigated life being the pillar for everyone, only now understanding the importance of pouring that same love into yourself, as well. And you made it — you are growth.

Selected your battles intentionally, because as grateful as you are for your wonderous life, you’re building an even better world for your daughter someday. And here you are — you are the future.

From the beginning, at every juncture, you encountered hurdles. But you persevered; a warrior from the start.

I would say you are beautiful, but that word does not do you justice. Yes, you are beauty personified. But you are more. Opportunity. Strength. Agility. Maturity. Balance. Grace. Endurance. Growth.

Our Future. You, you are everything.

Photograph of a murti (sacred image) of Goddess Durga from a side angle. Devi holds a chakra.
Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash


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