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One of Project Stree’s main goals is to raise awareness about the menstrual health stigma in college campuses across the states. At Rutgers University, our team has been speaking about challenging the stigma at different events on campus.

In November of 2019, one of our co-founders spoke at Rutgers DIYA’s Chai House event about the importance of menstrual hygiene in India.She also spoke to psychology students at Rutgers University about the serious mental health consequences that accompany cultural taboos like that surrounding women’s health in India.

In December, we teamed up with RUPeriod to create handwritten cards for girls in India in anticipation of our very first workshop. Students used premade templates with inspiring phrases in Hindi and Gujarati to decorate the cards.

In February 2020, our team was given the opportunity to speak at the Association of Indians at Rutgers show. We shared our experience holding Project Stree’s first hygiene workshop in schools in India.To stay up to date on events happening at Rutgers University, be sure to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook!

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